The Vincentian Family of Costa Rica recently experienced two great events. The first occurred on February 24, 2019. With great joy and readiness in the Central House of the Congregation of the Mission (Seminary College), the National Council of the Vincentian Family (CONAFAVICR ) and some members of the Daughters of Mary had their annual Spiritual Retreat with Father Flavio Pereira Tercero (CM), Assistant Coordinator in the International Office of the Vincentian Family.

From very early on, we began our reflection focusing on the history lived by Moses, Abraham and Saint Catherine Laboure, who, being instruments chosen by God to do a great work among their people, showed us that God uses really humble and simple human beings, but willing to fulfill his will, to carry out a plan of life and salvation.

Later we went to analyze three types of characters: “Wage-earners, Administrators and Witnesses;” this confrontation led us to meditate in a personal way: Who are we as members of the Vincentian Family? And where does God want us to be able to carry out his plan of salvation through the Charism of Service to the most needy to which we have been called?

The second event, that fills our Vincentian Family with joy, was to receive a new branch called: “Sons of St. Louise de Marillac in the Holy Spirit.” This branch, represented by its president and founder Alexis Barquero Benavides, accompained by Yeltquis González Castro and Esteban Hernández Mora, joined our great Vincentian Family and the National Council on March 2, 2019.

This ministry focuses on the Foundation “Ángel de Amor” in La Rita de Pococí, located in the province of Limón, its purpose to welcome and provide care for people with mental problems, psychological instability or other types of complications. The care consists of providing accommodation, clothing, food, medical and spiritual care, as well as any requirement that they demand for a good quality of life. Depending on the case and the stage they are in, they are placed in a home where they are given the attention and love they need. As we celebrate their twenty-first anniversary, we join them and welcome them to our great Vincentian Family.



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