No matter how old we are … we can all do something to help those who are needy near us.

We present the example of this 84-year-old man, which was published in January 2019 by CBS News. He runs the St. Vincent De Paul store in Fall River. Twice a day, he goes out to a pole on the sidewalk and ties scarves to it. They’re free for anyone who is cold:


This 84-year-old man named Lenny is making sure those in need stay warm this winter. Lenny runs a store in Falls River, Massachusetts and twice a day he takes scarves from the store outside. He ties the scarves to a pole and they are free to anyone who needs one.

“The people that are out there, they’re cold, the need these scarves.” Lenny started collecting donated scarves in memory of his son, who died from cancer. Lenny’s son, Mike, started the scarf giveaway a few years before he died. Mike inspired Lenny to continue this kind act for others. “If I do good in life, I want to do good for someone else.”

The scarves have already made a huge impact on the community. “I think one, it helps them to keep them warm, two he knows that there is people out there that’s willing to sacrifice something to give to them.” And Lenny says it’s not just his good deed – many people in town deserve credit for donating scarves.

“We help people. You will not go without a scarf. Walk in this place and you will walk out with a scarf, if we don’t have any more for the pole.”

Thanks to Lenny’s scarf giveaway, the whole town has been gotten a little bit warmer.

More info: Fall River Man Honors Son By Giving Scarves To People In Need.

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