In his New Circular Letter, the International President of the SSVP Invites the Vincentians Worldwide to Seek Holiness

by | Jan 31, 2019 | News, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Today, 31st January 2019, Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, publishes his third Circular Letter, a document in which the President communicates directly with all the Vincentians in the world and all the members of the various Conferences.

This Letter is composed of five parts: “Introduction”, “General Council News”, “Recommendations to the Vincentians”, “Theme for 2019 (Year of Lamache)” and “Conclusions”. In addition to the letter itself, the text contains 25 footnotes, with additional information that enriches the overall understanding of this circular letter.

Renato Lima stated: “The Circular Letter is an excellent opportunity for the General Council to address Vincentians worldwide, inviting them to reflect on various topics”.  This year’s letter focuses on the 180th anniversary of the General Council and on four strategic aspects of the SSVP: communication, formation, youth and expansion to new countries.

In one of the sections of this letter, the President encourages, “Vincentians to be light to others. Vincentians should be an example of tolerance to the other members themselves and to the persons who are served. Vincentians should seek holiness and should strive to promote a culture of peace. In the conclusion, our President poses some questions for further reflection, for example, “what do we need to do in order to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the Conferences’ work? What should we stop doing?”

The Circular Letter is a tradition of the General Presidents. The first of them was written on July 14, 1841 by the co-founder, Emmanuel Joseph Bailly de Surcy, 1st President General. Since the beginning of his mandate, in 2016, the Letter is being written in Arabic, Italian and Chinese, in addition to the other four official languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese).

Since it is a relatively long document, it is suggested that it be read and reflected upon as a spiritual reading. This should be done by the Conferences and the Councils, in two or three parts. Your comments about the Circular Letter of 2019, as well as your suggestions with regard to topics that should be addressed in the 2020 circular letter, can be sent to:

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