Oristano (Italy): Success of the Solidarity Approach

by | Dec 30, 2018 | News

The call to generosity, launched by Benito Urgu as an “assistant of Santa Claus,” was received with enthusiasm by many Oristani people. The initiative, spontaneously organized by some volunteers on front steps of the parish church of San Sebastiano, was a great success.

“This year, solidarity seems to be more alive than it was in 2017,” says Marcella Sechi, one of the volunteers, and so we want to thank all the people who have made donations. Through that gesture of sharing they have become, by right, Santa’s helpers.”

Many other basic needs still remain to be met; the collected goods have already been donated to the parishes of San Paolo, Cappuccini, San Sebastiano, the convent of Saint Francis, the Mensa del povero and the Vincentian voluntary service.

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