VMY in Greece Celebrate Their 9th Anniversary

by | Dec 1, 2018 | News, Vincentian Marian Youth

On October 28, the VMY Group in Greece celebrated its 9th anniversary with the motto “SIYAMa, sama TOGETHER” (Nine years of being together). The celebration was held in St. Joseph Hall, one of their centers.

They began their annual celebration with a mass and also held the closing celebration for the Rosary month. They celebrated the Missionario Rosario by lighting 5 candles to represent the 5 different continents. This was followed by a worship song and reflection. They then had their monthly greeting and gift giving for the birthday celebrants of the month. Certificates were given to those members who have been with the group from the start, and another certificate of appreciation for some parents for their service to the Association.

The MERCY Team performed a dance number. Parents displayed their talents also. Of course the celebration would not be complete without food shared in the St. Joseph garden. The celebration ended with a song composed and performed by the president, Thadeus Mendoza.

The gathering would not be possible without the help of the parents, the guidance of their Sister Advisor Sister Emma Rivero, and the two adult leaders Tita Marycel and Tita Vhicky,

Congratulations VMY Greece!

Source: http://www.secretariadojmv.org/



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