For the third year in a row, Vincentian Family in Kyiv has visited the graves of homeless people in the Kievan Northern Cemetery to pray for the souls of the dead. On November 10, 2018,  members of the Vincentian Fathers, the Marian Sisters, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Volunteers from Schools and the Association of the Miraculous Medal came to a grave to perform an act of mercy –  to bury the dead. The burial place and the state of graves are telling. These graves are abandoned and located in the part of the cemetery that is closest to the landfill… They were rejected in life, they are rejected after their death…

We accompanied the poor people during their stay in a hospital – we care for their hygiene, provide them with the necessary medicines and clothes. Marian Sisters and Vincentian Fathers provided them not only with material assistance but also spiritual support – they made them familiar with Jesus and His mercy, His love. They got them reconciled with the world. Very often there are many people among the poor who experience the sub-terminal (the last) stage of a disease.

The priest celebrated a Mass for each deceased homeless person. Many homeless people die every year. 23 people of those whom we serve have died this year. During the prayer we mentioned their names. They were loved by God and God’s Providence brought us to them. Most of them were open to receive the Sacraments.

We hope that our common prayer will sanctify this place so it had more space for God and more respect for a person despite his or her physical, psychological and social position.

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