Meeting of the Vincentian Family of Costa Rica

by | Nov 5, 2018 | News, Vincentian Family

With great joy and enthusiasm, on Sunday, September 16, the Vincentian Family of Costa Rica met since eight o’clock in the morning at the Seminary School, as we do year after year, to celebrate the feast of our Holy Founder St. Vincent de Paul.

With the presence of the 12 branches that make up the Vincentian Family in the country, we startes with the Vincentian Rosary, followed by a presentation by the seminarian Austin Torres in which he enriched us on the “Culture of the meeting” around the Biblical quote “There was no place in the Inn” (Luke 2,7), complemented by the testimony of people who lived in the streets and today changed their lives thanks to the help of many others who offered them a hand, so we have the presence of the Catholic movement of “Obras de Espíritu Santo” [Works of the Holy Spirit] who shared their life experience on their apostolate of service with street people in the Red Zone of the capital.

All this, combined with lunch, plays, songs and others, culminate with the main banquet: “The Holy Eucharist” in which we were sent to continue serving in the midst of our works the needy, privileged of the Lord, but putting into practice the call made by the Superior Father Tomaz Mavric to choose a Saint, Blessed or Servant of God, look at his life and imitate him, ask him to intercede for each one of the servants of the Vincentian family and for the needy and abandoned of society, but privileged of the Lord.

So with motivation and encouragement we are continuing on each of our works putting into practice charity and service, according to the will of God.

Alexandra Chacón Esquivel
National President
National Council FAVI Costa Rica



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