The Vincentian Family of Cuba wishes to share the experiences lived these days around the festivity of our founder, with the poor, our lords and masters. In spite of not reaching much and the great needs we (ourselves and the most dispossessed) experience, not only material, also spiritual (this year we have noticed that work has declined, but not finished; we will look for alternatives, initiatives, above all, follow-up, animation along with prayer, not exhausting ourselves).

Father God, this Cuban family does not want this day to pass without thanking your immense mercy for all your children, especially those most in need.

Thank you, Father Vincent de Paul, for the Vincentian Charism, the seal of the whole family that you founded with zeal, effort and concern.

Thank you, Father Lusarreta, for having so zealously incarnated the Vincentian spirit and leaving the seed sown in this Cuba, full of spiritual and material deficiencies, so that it springs up and grows with strength. Today, the well-united family celebrates the feast of St. Vincent de Paul, all enrolled and concerned, as you always taught us.

Center: “La Milagrosa”

As every Saturday, this 22 of September, the soup was prepared by the group of young people; but in this occasion there was more participation, they encouraged more and, of course, like the fable of the stone soup, they all put a little more.

On Monday, 24, in the morning, the sister of the AMM shared a walk with her grandparents to Old Havana, Puerto, where the Parish of La Merced is located, where they were attended by our spiritual animator Father Gilberto, accompanied by a group of volunteers to the service. In the afternoon, the family gathered at 6:00 p.m. for vespers and sharing experiences.

On Tuesday, 25, in the morning, we wanted to celebrate with the family of the older people of the Casa de Abuelos “La Milagrosa”, so that they could feel our project and, little by little, help us, because we remember one of the objectives of the House is to be the home of those who live alone or in solitude, abandoned. In the afternoon, our prayer of vespers and then the screening of the film “Monsieur Vincent.”

On Wednesday, 26, we wanted to share with the family of the prisoners, but due to bad weather it was postponed until next week. In the afternoon, the vespers were prayed again, all together.

On Thursday, 27, our big feast as a family took place. In the morning, with the grandparents, the Family celebrated preparing the Caldosa (Cuban soup with all kinds of foods and meats) for the homeless. The volunteers collaborated with everything to make it. It was shared at 1:00 p.m. along with a snack prepared by the young people, also making a raffle in which each volunteer made his contribution of an article for them, the poorest. We highlight the atmosphere that was lived these days but, above all, on this special day. They, happy, as the photos stand out.

We are happy too, because it is nice to live making others happy, especially the sickest or poorest. It is wonderful to see how we unite, we help, we worry, in the midst of so much lack. This is shown, felt and makes as be full of joy, makes us grow up to any difficulty even when we see no solution. We cannot get tired, our strength is in prayer and encouraging others to reach out and help us to always continue on the path.

In the afternoon, at 6:00 pm, we had the whole family celebration. Then, in the living room, we all share in the party. Each contributed with a detail: breads with pasta, croquettes, soft drinks, sweets, as a true family that meets after work and the effort to reach the most possible. And we continue.

Vincentian Family in “La Milagrosa”



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