UN Family Collaborates in Strategic Planning Meeting

by | Oct 4, 2018 | News, Vincentian Family, Vincentian Family at the U.N.

The Vincentian Family at the UN (VFUN) recently held a planning meeting at St. John’s University. Lead by Dr. Linda Sama, the group reviewed its assessments made one year ago and discussed the current status of our advocacy strategies. Dr. Sama is a Professor, and Associate Dean for Global Initiatives and Joseph F. Adams Professor of Management, and a Lady of Charity at St. John’s University.

As has been presented in this column previously, VFUN has successfully launched a UN-based working group to end homelessness. So what is next for us? We have decided to focus on our committee activities. Each of us attends interest group meetings, as our respective parent groups have varied foci of interests. Whether the topic is migration, environmental issues, women and children, trafficking, etc., we will attend these committee meetings identifying ourselves as members of the VFUN, to raise recognition of our coalition.

During our monthly VFUN meetings we will share the news of these different groups. Learning from each other what is being planned and then deciding how we may participate as a VFUN unit, will enable us to be more aware of issues that may arise or deadlines that may be looming.  This should increase our effectiveness.

This planning session was wonderful.  Dr. Sama kept us focused and fueled our creative thinking.  We had honest discussions of our hopes, frustrations, and limitations.  Know that this group of people representing the VFUN is so devoted to these tasks. They are thoughtful, intelligent and creative and I left the day’s session with a warm heart, thanking God for allowing me the privilege of knowing these great people.

Natalie Boone is the AIC NGO Representative to UN-NY