Social Justice Conversations: MISEVI

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Formation, Reflections

MISEVI International is an International association, canonically erected as a public association of the faithful, seeking to develop an organized presence of laity in missionary works ad gentes, especially within the missions of the Vincentian Family. (MIsioneros SEglares VIcencianos – Lay Vincentian Missionaries) The participating countries of MISEVI are: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Lebanon, and the United States. Argentina, Slovakia, Ireland, Poland, Peru and Egypt are in formation. Germany is an extension of Spain.

MISEVI – USA (MIssion and SErvice the VIncentian Way) is a collaborative effort of Vincentian service organizations and universities in the United States committed to the mission and values of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac. We invite lay adults to work for justice while tending to the needs of those who are poor and marginalized.  They deepen their faith through prayer, community, and reflection. MISEVI – USA is a member of MISEVI International.

Year-long Domestic Programs include:  Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati, Vincentian Service Corps, Vincentian Mission Corps, Colorado Vincentian Volunteers.  Short-term International and Domestic Programs are:  After Volunteer Experience (AVE), House of Charity, and Vincentian Lay Missionaries.  University Collaborators are DePaul, St. John’s and Niagara Universities.

Currently (2018), MISEVI – USA is involved in the following:

  • Collaboration in recruiting new volunteers; sharing best practices in the Vincentian Formation programs, especially around social justice issues (human trafficking, immigration, environment, racial justice/diversity training, etc.); meeting regularly to discover ways of encouraging young adults to continue their journey as Vincentian alum.
    • Opportunities that we offer alum from our programs for education on current social justice issues, for spiritual growth, for ongoing formation in the Vincentian charism.
    • Connection of alum to various organizations whose mission encourages mutuality of relationship with those who are poor or marginalized.
    • Attention to the signs of the times so as to heed the prophetic call to respond to issues that affect those living in poverty.
  • Three members represented MISEVI USA at the MISEVI International Assembly held in Spain in February, 2018.
  • Two representatives are members of the Young Adult Vincentian Task Force, which hopes to encourage young people to embrace the Vincentian charism.

Mary Frances Jaster and her husband Bill Jaster are Co-Directors of Colorado Vincentian Volunteers. Mary Frances is also a Team Member of the MISEVI International Committee.

Editors note:  This is a group of Vincentian Family members who meet regularly at the request of the leaders of their respective branches. Their reflections do not represent Vincentian Family policy, but are shared to spur our reflection and action. Look for these contributions the third Thursday of each month. Comments are very much appreciated. 


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