Fundraising: How you might be killing donor relationships

by | Jul 29, 2018 | Formation

Fundraising is a complex job, but it can be simplified. In order to nurture and grow a relationship, you have to pay attention to it. And if you’re like most people working in the nonprofit world, you’re so busy trying to hack through your “To Do” list that you don’t have TIME to give to donors.

Fundraising ideas

Sandy Rees of Get Fully Funded, says

There are lots of other ways you may be crushing the relationship.

You may be

  • Using lots of insider language and jargon your donor doesn’t understand, which may make her feel like an outsider and if that happens, she’ll stop giving very soon.
  • Including wayyyy too much text and stats, with no emotion which bores her.
  • Not offering updates or stories of how her donation has made a difference. This is what she really wants and you’re keeping it from her!
  • Making it hard for her to give (where IS that Donate button anyway??).
  • Ignoring your donor’s needs or pushing her away with any number of impersonal actions.

If any of this is hitting too close to home, that’s good news, because the first step in any good 12-step program is admitting you have a problem. THAT’S when you can start to fix it.

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