We become what we recieve

by | Apr 21, 2018 | Formation, Reflections

In his Easter Sermon, 227, St. Augustine exhorts: “If we receive the Eucharist worthily, we become what we receive.” And in receiving Christ, we become one body in him, and through him, one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Through receiving the Eucharist, we enter into a unique and personal relationship with the Trinity and with one another, the Body of Christ. We become what we eat.

In this season of Mystagogy, as new initiates begin their journeys of discipleship, Vincentians are called to help them deepen their personal relationship with Jesus. We accompany them to meet and get to know the poor Christ. We place before them the possibility of being the Christ who evangelizes.

  • Am I ready to accompany neophytes in this way?
  • Do I know that I, too, follow Christ?
  • Am I becoming what I receive?

Listen to this track by Alana Levandowski (whom Ron Rolheiser called a “right-brained theologian”) and contemplate these questions.

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