Mission Market Manager: Marketing and Customer Relations

Job Brief: Ladies of Charity USA is seeking a professional with good organizational skills and sales experience, to create and promote the LCUSA Mission Market.  This new venture for the Ladies of Charity is an e-commerce market.  Through “direct trade” we will provide a market for unique goods created by enterprising men and women in the missions of the Daughters of Charity in the developing world, our collaborator. We will sell wholesale to gift shops in hospitals and nursing homes, and colleges.  We will also market to fundraisers and thrift/boutiques stores.  We seek an individual who is confident, a good administrator with a passion for sales and marketing and a heart for people who are poor.  This individual must establish good relationships with producers in developing countries and customers in the United States, and provide both with great service. Applicant must have good people skills as well as business and financial management skills; must possess the ability to handle behind the scene activities such as warehouse setup and supervision; be able to work independently with little or no supervision; and must possess the ability to work with diverse people.


  • Office Management
    • Organize office operations and procedures
    • Manage office general and administrative expense budget, ensure accurate and timely reporting
    • Serve as the point person for maintenance, mailing, supplies, equipment, bills and errands and contractors, landlord, handling phone calls (inbound and outbound) to customers, as well as emails, texts, social media, and letters in regard to issues, concerns and questions
    • Manage relationships with Daughter of Charity Skill Centers & International Project Services, Ladies of Charity USA, and Ladies of Charity Associations
  • Marketing and Sales
    • Purchase inventory from Missions
    • Set up displays for marketing strategies and social media promotions
    • Manage inventory and warehouse operations
    • Create and implement a marketing plan to bring products to appropriate retail outlets such as hospitals gift shops, nursing home gift shops, thrift stores and fundraisers through various media
    • Manage customer and producer relationships
  • Establish and manage contractual relationships with:
    • Website developers
    • Global Shipping
    • National Shipping
  • Development
    • Manage existing grants
    • Solicit additional grants
    • Assist with fundraising strategies determined by the Advisory Board
    • Attend Ladies of Charity and other meetings as requested to promote the Market and its products.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or related experience
  • Knowledge of office management systems, procedures, and equipment
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
  • Demonstrated capacity for e-commerce, marketing and written communications
  • Understanding of website development, product displays
  • Attention to detail and problem solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (second language a plus)
  • Proficiency in MS Office and Inventory Database systems

Deliverables for Manager: Marketing and Customer Relations

  • Oversee website development and manage product displays
  • Create marketing materials, logo, etc.
  • Identify purchasing locations
  • Propose to advisory board international shipping agreement
  • Propose to Board a national shipping agreement
  • Design trading card
  • Identify centers for potential products
  • Design materials to be sent to centers
  • Draft contractual documents
  • Describe quality, shipping, types of products, other parameters for the centers.
  • Find storage space in Kansas City, MO
  • Work with Daughters of Charity International Project Services to communicate to centers
  • Work on fundraising strategies and plan
  • Agreements for outsource companies

To Apply:

The employment location will be in the LCUSA National Service Center in Kansas City MO. Email your cover letter and resume to Market@ladiesofcharity.us  Subject line: Market Manager.


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