For All You Foodies

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Formation, Reflections

Foodies see life differently. I confess, I am one. This reflection caught my attention. It’s about family and community. Heather Gordon-Young is a Canadian writer who lives on the west coast of British Columbia. She is the Executive Director of a not-for-profit social services organization that serves children, youth and families.

In our family cooking together or doing the dishes are often longer and livelier events than dinner itself, if we’re all home. We generally cooperate to get the task done but we enjoy being together in the kitchen, partly sharing the work but also getting caught up singing old songs we all know, dancing around the kitchen, laughing and telling stories.

An economist might call this inefficient. But there is something enchanting that gathers in the air as we’re working, something soft and light filled, swirling cloudlike and invisible, filled with stories. You can’t put a value on this cloud. It exists because we are together, because we have a history of being together in this way. There’s room in that cloud for squabbles and arguments, for confessions and tears and teasing. There’s room in that cloud for friends to come and go, for in-laws and out-laws. This cloud, the way of being together, is priceless.

Just recently, I’ve come to see this cloud as saffron-colored…

Click to read the rest here.  Heather’s blog is worth an exploration. Then ponder:

Am I seeing all there is to see in my family life? in my community?


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