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Vincent truly believed in partnership in the church

by | Oct 21, 2017 | Formation, Reflections, Vincentian Family | 2 comments

It gives me joy to mention this here…here in Rome. Vincent truly believed in partnership in the church and that is why he listened, learned and trusted the instincts and wisdom of Louise. Together they imagined and gave birth to a movement that has inspired us all.

They started a revolution of tenderness… a revolution to humanize and put a face on the stranger and the vulnerable. Our Founders knew the need to lock eyes and to join hearts with those to whom human dignity and human rights were denied.

With zeal, with a passion, Vincent and Louise responded to human needs and organized institutions to keep charity alive, keep love expressed.  Yes, we are witnesses to, and partners with them in that long evolution of service….. service given in both humility and simplicity.

Vincent and Louise instructed all of us, the Vincentian family, to ask forgiveness of those receiving our help….receiving our love. How well they knew that the “giver is the getter and the getter is the giver”! It really was…it truly is… love touching love.

Read some stimulating stories, and more by clicking this link to access her powerful and prayer-provoking reflection from the steps St. Peter’s in Rome.

Click this highlighted link to see the 35 minute video of the presentation on Youtube.

A highly respected long-time peace activist, Sister Peggy has received many honors and awards including the 2008 Peacemaker Award of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, and the 2008 Ciudadana Ilustre Award, which recognized her work on behalf of social and cultural development in Suchitoto.  This spring the University of Scranton awarded her its Pedro Arrupe, S.J., Award for Distinguished Contributions to Ignatian Mission and Ministry.


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