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by | Sep 28, 2017 | Congregation of the Mission, News

The Congregation of the Mission sponsors four universities in the world. St. John’s in New York City celebrate’s Vincent de Paul.

Regular .famvin feature columnist, Patrick Griffin, C.M., reflects on what “might” have been the feeling in Paris on September 27, 1660, the day St. Vincent’s died! Would the poor be abandoned?

Who would care for them? Who would speak out for their needs? Who would serve them with love and generosity? Who would continue his mission?

But the poor needn’t have worried. Even as the bells rung, the Ladies of Charity would have been thinking about the sick whom they would visit that day.

The Daughters of Charity would have preparing the meals and lessons for the orphans who had come under their care.
The priests and brothers of the Congregation would have continued their plans for preaching and serving the needy both spiritually and physically.

These worthy women and men would have known that this would have been the most ardent hope and desire of Vincent: “Keep your eyes on the mission which is not about me/us but our ‘lords and masters,’ the poor.”

This week, September 20-27, we celebrate Founder’s Week at St. John’s.

Take a look at all the events on their three New York City campuses.

And the whole family celebrates: 400 years of faithfulness! Read the rest of Fr. Griffin’s reflection here.


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