Towards the Peripheries of Life (11): Nador – Alhucemas

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Disasters and Responses, News

It dawns in Nador and, like every morning, we are fortunate to share the Eucharist with the religious in the area.

Today we have to go to Dar-Hairia, where the needs are varied and the hands few to help: besides accompanying the nurses, there are other logistical tasks in which we are happy to lend a hand.

We quickly get to help with showers, cook a cake or repair the wall of the house, all tasks are important for the welfare of people.

After lunch, we approach the camps and talk to their inhabitants to see what their needs are. They welcome us between smiles despite the difficulty of the situation they live in, and even offer us part of the dinner they are preparing.

When we went down the mountain, we passed through the houses of the Delegation, where they temporarily shelter sick and pregnant women or who have recently given birth. Today is farewell day, the two girls with their babies that were there leave the house. Difficult it will be to forget those faces, those black eyes that look at life curious, with their less than 3 kg. of weight. We ask the Lord to accompany them along the way, to be lucky and to arrive sound and safe at their destination, blindly trusting that someday they will achieve it.

In Alhucemas we see familiar faces, but the moment is different, you have to be attentive to every detail, every look, because where you least expect is God trying to speak to you.

Here the Church is not to be loud speaker or denounce with her voice, here we speak with the language of love, a language these kids know quite well. They would not understand Spanish, but thanks be to God, the embraces are universal and the looks do not need words.

We do not tire of giving thanks for the community of Brothers of the White Cross that welcomes us, and for the kids who give us a daily life lesson.

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