Terror in Barcelona: the Family in Solidarity

by | Aug 18, 2017 | News | 1 comment

We stand in sympathy and solidarity with all those affected during the terrorist attack in Barcelona, as well as with all the victims of barbarism and unreason. Our hearts are joined to all the people and their families affected in this terrible attack.

From the hope that our faith gives us, let us pray for all those who have died and pray for the speedy recovery of the wounded. May the Lord of life help us to fight hatred with love, and enable us, with the intercession of the Vincentian Saints and Blesseds, to be builders of peace and eradicate all evil on the face of the Earth.

Almighty and eternal God,
Of infinite mercy and goodness,
With sorrowful hearts, we turn to Thee.
Hear our prayer, have mercy on us,
Heed the supplications of those who call on you
In this hour of tribulation and trial.

We ask you, God of life,
Look upon the victims who died in the terrorist attack.
They are your children; They are our brothers and sisters.
They should never have died in these circumstances.
Our Father, take them in your bosom.

Heed our prayer, God of health,
For the wounded of this massacre.
He heals their wounds, strengthens their hearts,
Fill them with your grace and your peace.

Visit, God our comforter, the relatives of the victims.
Cover with your cloak of mercy and love
The wounds of their hearts and souls.
We ask for the conversion
Of those who hate and use violence.

Prince of Peace,
Crucified Lord,
Risen Jesus Christ,
Have mercy on us
Intercede for us.



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  1. Breda Costello

    I feel so small and helpless in the face of such brutality but trust that there is a reason for everything and that Justice and Peace will prevail on Earth!

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