Towards the Peripheries of Life (3): CIE Algeciras – Tarifa and Proyecto Alma

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Disasters and Responses, News

We start the day with Eucharist with the community of Centro Contigo, then we head towards El Saladillo (Algeciras). Once there we divided into three groups and visited the CIEs of Tarifa and Algeciras, and the Alma Project.

Route 1: CIES

When we arrive at the Island that hosts this location it gives us the sensation of having made a trip through time and space. An old military base welcomes 62 inmates being “watched” by between 4 and 5 policemen according to the day. Of the conditions there is little to say: post-war facilities in which people of different nationalities live badly. Their only entertainment is the workshops organized by the Red Cross and the outings in the yard in groups of eight — for fear of a massive escape. In places like this it seems even easy to be a Vincentian and feel that humanity is lacking in every corner. They do not allow us to talk to them, but we assume that they did not have in mind this jail when looking for a better life, and we go with the certainty that being free on the world depends a lot on where you were born.

Route 2: Proyecto Alma

A Holy place between all Holy places, this is more than holy. A “field hospital,” a place of rest, a place to heal the wounds suffered in the way. In this project there are only women, trafficked women who have been deceived and exploited in every way. There, with loving care and all the respect and dignity, they heal their wounds.

In the afternoon we go to Almeria, next stop on this pilgrimage. The plastic sea that receives us presages that tomorrow we will not remain indifferent.

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