Depaul USA – Jericho Way Expanding to Help Homeless

by | Jul 21, 2017 | News

Depaul USA works to offer homeless and disadvantage people opportunities to fulfill their potential and move towards an independent and positive future. Read about Jericho Way in Little Rock, Arkansas and their plans to expand to help the homeless. 

Jericho Way has big plans to help change homeless community in Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Jericho Way has already helped meet the day-to-day needs of thousands of people in the Little Rock homeless community.

At the beginning of May, they began renovations on their basement to provide more showers, restrooms, laundry services and office space. Another project on the horizon is the development of high-quality, low-cost housing. It’s something the organization said people in the city desperately need.

Jericho Way has helped nearly 40 homeless individuals find a new home but Executive Director Mandy Davis said finding affordable housing can be a challenge.

“It’s what is often standing in their way from them getting off the streets or out of a shelter,” said Davis.

That’s why Jericho Way has big plans to make a change in the community. They are in the works of developing two new duplexes near Jericho Way’s Springer Street day service facility. The duplexes will provide 4 units of apartment housing. Davis said the units will likely be small, but they are bigger than tiny homes. She said it’s a great start for a big need.

“Some estimates say that there could be over 700 individuals in the city in need of a home of some kind and we’re interested in helping those individuals get off the streets and into a home they can call their own,” said Davis.

But the challenge is raising the funds. They have raised enough funds to move forward with the project, but will need additional financial support to complete the project and develop more housing in the future.

They would like to keep all new developments close to the main facility. That’s because some people still need easy access to the day facility programs even when they first move into a home.

For now, they are looking at a potential lot at the corner of 30th and Welch Streets. Davis said she would like to see the entire area revitalized with affordable housing also on Springer Street, but none of those lots have been identified at this time.

Currently, the goals are to meet basic needs, finalize the plan for the initial lot, and continue dreaming big.

“We’re struggling to meet people’s basic needs; however, we’re still dreaming of providing housing that’s affordable, beautiful and dignified,” said Davis.

For more information on Jericho Way, visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

Source: THV 11, Little Rock, Arkansas

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