“Freedom Network”: A New Vincentian Movie to be Released in September

by | Jun 16, 2017 | News

At the end of September, the film “Red de libertad” [Network of Freedom] will be released in Madrid (Spain), based on the story of the Daughter of the Charity Helene Studler.

About 800 people attended to see the summary of the film that tells the story of a specific time, the invasion of France by Nazi Germany and the decision of a Daughter of Charity, Sister Helene Studler to help detainees in the French prisons, which then passed to concentration camps.

In the presentation of the trailer were the director of the movie, Pablo Moreno, accompanied by Maria Esparcia, Rubén Ortega, Assumpta Serna and other cast partners and technical team.

The content of the trailer has surprised viewers and was liked very much by these first spectators of the summary, with good impressions of both the director, Pablo Moreno, and the Daughters of Charity for the work done. The public is eager to see the film, which is still in editing.

From the official website:

Set in France at the beginning of World War II, the film tells the commendable work of Helene Studler, the Daughter of Charity who saved the lives of thousands of French refugees by preventing them from falling prisoners of Nazi forces, characters as illustrious as François de Mitterrand or General Giraud. Helene, a witness of horror and barbarism, carries out an extraordinary charity work with the captives and prisoners of war, while endangering her life and those of her closest ones to save the life of the children, the elderly, prisoners and orphans, all of them victims of the war.


The project comes on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Vincentian family, founded by Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac in 1617. Throughout these 400 years, hundreds of personalities have arisen who have given their lives for the poorest, for the rejected, the persecuted unjustly. Among all these lives stands out that of Sister Helene Studler, a very peculiar heroine who rescued more than 2000 people from the Nazi concentration camps located in the north of France. The context of then has a surprising parallel with the current war conflicts, Helene’s life becomes a reference for overcoming, heroism and struggle against injustice.

Official website of the film (in Spanish).





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