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Vincentians Pray – Good Hearts of Vincentians

by | May 8, 2017 | Formation, Reflections, Society of St. Vincent de Paul


Vincentians Pray – Good Hearts of Vincentians – JOHN 6:52-59 – Vincentians Desire and Aim to Serve

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast

Vincentians Pray

We pray each day as Vincentians. We know we are called by Jesus to serve those we serve.  We see Jesus especially in the poor, but also in each other.  We need to pray each day for world peace, our families, our brother and sister Vincentians, for ourselves to be a true servant of Jesus to the poor.  We are called by Jesus to tend his lambs and feed his shepherd.  We are the shepherds of peace and love.  Many of you will remember how I asked you to look in the mirror and pray.  You are a child of God.  You can speak to him and listen for his message.  You are the face of God’s creation.  Many people let me know they still go before the mirror each morning and talk to Jesus, asking for help as disciples.  We need the power to give hope to all we serve.  We need to believe the people placed before us are God’s choices and they need us.  Our role is to give them hope and respond to their needs.  Once you bring Jesus with you, service becomes  more just. Do your best to serve Jesus in the poor.  It is the right thing to do.

Good Hearts of Vincentians

No beauty shines better than a good heart.  Jesus welcomes you to serve with true love and service.  You have a good heart so you say, “YES Jesus I will follow you and bring hope to those in need.”  One thing for sure if you work for God whether you succeed or not He will always reward you. I can remember a case that went on for many years and is still on our support.  I love this family and pray for them always. I think I have written about them before.  This family came to Canada from Jordan.  The husband had a job in the oil industry.  He was laid off at the time the triplets were born and recalled and laid off again.  He is taking courses but still has no work.  My mom and I started help them until mom could not help.  Another Vincentians and I still see them.  The boys all three told me I was their grandma.  I was there when the mother of triplets, a young challenged girl and a teen girl received the news of her mother/grandmother dying.  I was able to help her and hug her and the triplets began to tell me I was their grandmother and how come I didn’t live with them.  I pray always for this family and they pray for me and I am rewarded by their love and the love of God.

John 6:52-59

Vincentians the Gospel of John 6:52-59 declares that the Word really became flesh. Why has the incarnation been resisted from the very beginning? Why is the extension of the incarnation, which is the Eucharist, still such a source of division? We all have our own ideas.  We can ask many other questions as “Why do we forget about Confession?’ It may have to do with flesh.  God became one of us, as close to us as blood and bone. It truly is not correct to say God is in heaven, because God became one of us. I think it has to do with flesh. God became one of us, as close to us as blood and muscle and bone. It is no longer correct to say simply that God is in his heaven and we are on the earth. It is not correct to say simply that God is spirit and we are matter. Matter has been invaded by spirit. But in Jesus, God became flesh, and more to the point, he invites us to eat his body and drink his blood. But that means that he wants us to take him into ourselves.  God is always with us in our everyday lives and in our service to those in need.  He is in us and with us.

Vincentians Desire and Aim to Serve

This is the love and giving of those called to serve Christ in the poor. Part of this aim is to live the Gospel and pray often.  The other necessary sacrament is Confession. I know we hear about fasting during Lent, so you may question why do I have fast in each mail out.  We as servants must fast from anger, taking judgement on others, including the poor.  We fast from putting ourselves first.  God leads us to others and it is a good thing if we know that and practice it.  Sometimes it is hard.  I have had to give some Vincentians a time off for abusing their actions of offense to those we serve.  It was not an easy thing to do and I still would not want to be in that position again, but it was the right thing and God was with me.  Do not get out of bed before thanking the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  The Trinity wants to be with you. Always remember to give thanks and blessings to our donors.  Where would we be without them.




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