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God in the Garden – Vincentians Seek

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Formation, Reflections, Society of St. Vincent de Paul


God in the Garden – Vincentians Seek – We Need to Pray – Vincentians Do Not Judge

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast

God in the Garden

In the beginning, God made a garden, rich with compost and humus, a black loam that smelled of dawn. Seeds began sprouting in this soil; trees’ roots wound deep within it as their branches reached toward the sun; grass, clover, and forbs of every kind spread over the earth in a green and golden carpet. God took some of this dirt, made muddy with dew, and formed a creature from it—a body of soil. Bending down, God breathed spirit, animus, into the earth so that it became an animal—a living thing. And God gave this animal something different from the others—a purpose, a call, an invitation to join God in moving the creation toward its flourishing. God put this humus-man, this human, in the garden and gave it a call—a vocation. God put the human in a place cultivated toward its fullness—a garden—and called the human to “cultivate it and keep it” (Genesis 2:15), to bring it to life and yet to respect its integrity.  We forget some of the oldest medicines are love and compassion.’’  That applies to Vincentians very nicely. We are healers too. Seek to spread the Word that is Jesus Christ and to help you grow closer to God in the spirit of St. Francis.

Vincentians Seek…

…to be the face of Christ in the poor, and to spread the Word that is Jesus Christ and to help you grow closer to God in the Spirit of Frederic Ozanam.  Our Job is not to judge, but to lift them of their poverty.  We strive to end poverty one family, one person or family at a time.  We are not judge and jury but friend and Disciple of Our Lord,   We are the disciples and we are challenged to help as long as we can.  Some need help while others just nee a little lift.  We need to adjust for some and pray for all. We need to be in the know of why we are Vincentians.  We should read our magnificent Gospels.  We will discover such great manifestation when we read and  reflect  and feel the manifestation of Divine Mercy. We pray not only for our forgiveness but the forgiveness of  those we serve.  Remember those who come to us come as beggars.  We are in the upper room with the disciples those who those who denied Jesus and abandoned and betrayed their master.  Jesus forgave them and He forgives us of our sins and blesses us.  Jesus does not take revenge.  He called us to be servants of the poor.  We are not the masters, but those we serve are.

We Need to Pray

Part of our service to those God places before us is to pray for all Vincentians and know they are called to pray the Our Father. Help our Vincentians to pray always before a home visit. After the home visit and during the visit silently. Ask partners to pray for you as they would speak to a loved and respected friend. We pray to God in conversation and help. We  pray to Jesus and the Holy Spirit to show our Vincentians how to do God’s Will.  He is always there always to help us.  We need HIS Wisdom and teachings.  When we feel down I always encourage Vincentians to look in the mirror and talk to God. He is always with us encourage us and telling us to not give up.  This is so important  to us.  We need to call on Him often.  Do not forget Frederic Ozanam and St. Vincent. We must pray for one another.  We need each other always and we show it by praying together.  We can also share our difficulties in the Confessional.  I find this very healing.  I do not complain but I do ask the priest to pray for all of our Vincentians and those we serve.  This is very rewarding and helpful.  But the best way I pray is in front ot the mirror and journeying to a home visit.  I know everyone has their own way and every way is the right way.

Vincentians Do Not Judge

When they need help this is where discussions with others and praying to our Saviour come in.  We help those in need as Jesus would and this should be imbedded in your minds.  If we are short of money or food we need to pray and pray often.  I have in the past used fundraisers such as  auctions and dinners.  They truly spread the word of  the Society in St. Michaels Community.  The biggest gift we recreive come from my son and his partners to help at Christmas.  He raises funds in his Restaurant with a crazy Christmas Sweater party and the Staff have tip jars for the poor and they donate it to us.  For this event we try to find the poorest of  the poor.  They are always pleased with the gifts and they send thank you cards.  We are helped with nor judging by seeing the face of  Jesus.  Jesus does not make mistakes.  We know from Scripture of His goodness.  But we do know from the successes we pray for.  One good thing I have done  after being told of a lady outside our city. When I visited this young woman who had just given birth to a baby and her husband abandoned her.  We talked for a long time, sometimes in tears and I gave her everything for the baby.  I looked around at her home and to my surprise I saw on her wall a very wonderful treasure of her graduating from university. I prayed for her always and still do.  She did not call for help any more just prayers to not be in poverty and for her baby.  To end this story she did very well with job hunting and baby care.



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