St. Vincent and Putting People in Boxes

by | Apr 22, 2017 | Formation

Many visitors to this site are familiar with St. Vincent’s quote about looking at the other side of the coin and not labeling people or putting them in boxes. Vincent’s metaphor is of a beat-up, dented, scratched, scarred, and very common coin, which turns out to have another side. It is applied to the beat-up, dented, dime-a-dozen, mostly invisible ones– the poor people. “Why treat that common nobody on the ground as if he is somebody?” (See use of the quote in earlier posts).

For a contemporary video presentation of the idea of putting people in boxes visit “The most watched ad of 2017” currently clocking in at some 13 million views on Facebook and YouTube.

See what happens when instead of putting people in boxes we separate and look for what we have in common.


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