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Pray Fervently – Vincentian Story – Consolation Suffering

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Formation, Reflections, Society of St. Vincent de Paul


Pray FerventlyVincentian Story – Consolation Suffering

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast

Pray Fervently

Pray to Our Lady—pray the Rosary very fervently, cling to Our Lady, she will surely lead you to Jesus to know His will for you. – Mother Teresa -from Fatima Franciscan Media which seeks to spread the Word that is Jesus Christ and to help you grow closer to God in the spirit of St. Francis. The more we pray to call for help to serve others and see Jesus in the face of those in poverty that they realize His presence in all we do.  He is very real when you see Him with prayers and in reflection.  It truly helps to sit in silence to prepare you to pray and share things with Jesus and ask Him to help.  You have the power to speak to Him and ask Him to help every day.  When things go wrong, remember you are called to be His disciple and He will journey with us to end poverty one person at a time.  You have been given the gift of service and seeing the poor for whom we pray. Pray fervently to all the saints and brothers who travel with Jesus. You are one of the many whom our Lord has called and fed.  We need to pray in thanksgiving.  You need to pray for His presence and speak to Jesus and all holy people on their way to Sainthood.

Vincentian Story

A story sent to me from a loving Vincentian.  Some may have heard this, but many have not.  Here goes. This is a Vincentian who always saw Jesus in the poor.  While visiting an elderly man named John he prayed for his family.  John never told his family of the gift of food, he always told them it was a gift from God.  It kept getting better, he never told us of his family.  He did not want to expose them to the poverty of their life.  The Vincentian told him God loves the poor in a very special way. They talked and he gave in a little.  A new Vincentian came to John with his food hamper. George the new Vincentian, sat beside John and went to put the food away for him and his daughter.  He asked John why he did not eat the last of the food.  He responded:  I met someone hungrier than I am, so I give it to him.  One time I invited his oldest son to a teen session at the Church.  I told him our theme was:  “God loves all of us every day.”  Everyone was given a basket of food donated by the parish and other items of need were also given. Clothing and warm items to keep the winter air out.  John’s son learned at this meeting of youth how loved he was. This first meeting ended with John’s son giving his winter boots and a warm jacket.  When asked why, he said he was giving to the poor.  He made many friends that day and talked to Jesus every day. Everyone who helps gets the same gift and lives with God beside them.

What Worries You, Masters You

“There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. “Consolation Suffering – Most High, Glorious God, in our times of suffering, may we follow the example of Jesus; may we also serve as a source of comfort and consolation to others in their suffering. May we never let the fear of suffering stand in the way of our calling to love and work for justice. Amen. One thing we should cling to during Lent is Scripture and what better than the Last words of Jesus.  With Scripture we can worry less and serve more.  We are now in April and time has a way of speeding by us.  Scripture brings us into the true world and Lent is such a beautiful time to fast, go to Mass, Confession and serve more.  We are Vincentians and we see Christ in all we serve and each person in our Vincentian Family.



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