We present a short video, Alike, that is worth seeing. In eight minutes we watch the story of a father and his son, who live similar situations. The issues that arise in this video are many and important: depersonalization, the struggle against the system, freedom, the importance of family relationships … to do what everyone does without questioning, without looking in and accepting our persona and capabilities, and not just following the flow, without contributing anything.

Let’s remember, when watching this video, the words of Pope Francis, in his catechesis on the Family of March 8, 2015:

[Children] bring their way of seeing reality, with a trusting and pure gaze. A child has spontaneous trust in his father and mother; he has spontaneous trust in God, in Jesus, in Our Lady. At the same time, his interior gaze is pure, not yet tainted by malice, by duplicity, by the “incrustations” of life which harden the heart. We know that children are also marked by original sin, that they are selfish, but they preserve purity, and interior simplicity.

They remind us that we are always sons and daughters. Even if one becomes an adult, or an elderly person, even if one becomes a parent, if one occupies a position of responsibility, underneath all of this is still the identity of a child. We are all sons and daughters. And this always brings us back to the fact that we did not give ourselves life but that we received it. The great gift of life is the first gift that we received. Sometimes in life we risk forgetting about this, as if we were the masters of our existence, and instead we are fundamentally dependent. In reality, it is a motive of great joy to feel at every stage of life, in every situation, in every social condition, that we are and we remain sons and daughters. This is the main message that children give us, by their very presence: simply by their presence they remind us that each and every one of us is a son or daughter.

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