Say “NO” to Female Genital Mutilation

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Daughters of Charity, News, Poverty: Analysis and Responses

Ending Gender Discrimination and Violation of Rights

In 2008, the Daughters of Charity, in partnership with concerned local individuals, began the delicate mission of education and protection against the traditional practice of female genital mutilation. The TFGM Camp in Tanzania protects young girls from the physically and mentally cruel act and offers an alternative “Christian Rite of Passage” Program. The Sisters and their collaborators have undertaken this sometimes dangerous yet commendable program that transforms the lives of young girls. The ongoing awareness and educational programs change cultural attitudes and patterns for those involved in the FGM culture including the cutters, elder tribesmen, and the community – both males and females. The girls receive Christian and academic education while learning about their rights over their own bodies. Many young girls are saved from the torturous act, which can lead to pain, infection and even death and a life of shame and servitude.




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