Teach me how to dance! #IamVincent

by | Dec 8, 2016 | Formation, Reflections

To say #IamVincent is to be willing to learn how to dance! Emily Becker of DePaul University learned how, and will never stop…


When I look back on the beginning of my Vincentian story, I see a clear starting point. At the beginning of my freshman year, I saw a poster in the student center for University Ministry’s Service Immersions during winter break. I decided to apply, seeing that the First Year options could take me to Indianapolis, St. Louis, East St. Louis, and (sigh) Chicago. I wanted to go anywhere except Chicago, feeling that my wanderlust would be nourished anywhere outside of the city where I lived. However, I received an email in October telling me that I was placed there. I was excited about doing service, but less excited about staying in the same city, just 40 minutes away from my cozy Lincoln Park dorm room. At the time, I couldn’t foresee how this trip would be a turning point for me.

I didn’t understand the importance of starting small and taking my time to learn about the world around me.

The trip changed everything for me. I returned to my hometown for winter break in a slew of emotions that I am still working to untangle. When I returned to DePaul for winter quarter, I knew I had to go back to where we stayed during the trip. In that moment, I saw how important the location was. Our group, unlike the others who went to different cities, had the opportunity to stay connected with our site. I found out that DePaul Community Service Association had a weekly service site at the Marillac House, and I’ve been going every Friday since then.

emily-becker-danceI don’t think I will ever be able to fully describe the impact the kids at Marillac have had on me. They’ve shown me how to dance the D Low Shuffle, how to win “Ships and Sailors,” how to build the coolest LEGO towers, and most of all, how to love with my whole heart. I don’t believe there will ever be a way to completely express my gratitude for everyone at Marillac for the last three years of boundless joy and love. The things I have learned from them have provided the wisdom that I’ve needed for everything I have ever done since I met them. My service immersion trip to Chicago will always be my turning point, and my first home away from home.


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