The Sweet Presence of Mary in Our Life • Tales of the Miraculous Virgin

by | Nov 26, 2016 | Association of the Miraculous Medal, Formation, Reflections

There is only one day left for the Vincentian Family to greet the Virgin with special affection in her “Milagrosa” defender.

We invited you to do something different: to tell tales, your story or that of your family, with the Miraculous Virgin. No reflections, but experiences. We are confident that there are many gestures of love and trust in the Virgin within our Vincentian Family. And sharing is another way of making family.

And many have responded quickly. Thanks to all. We finish this series with several stories that were received and grouped because the time has finished.

Next year we will continue!

Our sweet Mother has always been with me, my family and my brothers in Christ, protecting us.

Seven years ago my husband had just bought a car, a Yaris, we baptized him as the “MOBILE-MEDAL” because in him we visited sick people and went to Catechesis, and took our sisters to their homes after Holy Mass… A few months later, on Easter, the “SUNDAY OF RESURRECTION OF OUR LORD,” I left Mass and called my husband to come and get me. Two blocks later we were crossed by a taxi from another lane. The impact caused the car to spin, I saw the car going sideways and how the Virgin lifted the car and put it on the right side (as if she was lowering it). My husband maneuvered in time, with caution and calm, and the car stopped. At that moment, a young man came to help me, opening the car door. I went down and turned to get my things out, but the door did not open. When I looked for the young man to thank him, he was gone.

Before all this, when I saw that the taxi driver was going to hit us, I asked for help from OUR SWEET MOTHER OF THE MIRACULOUS MEDAL and MY ANGEL OF THE GUARD. The “MOBILE-MEDAL” had to go to the repair workshop because of the strong impact on the door. I had a slight injury to the neck, but THANKS TO GOD AND OUR SWEET MOTHER WE WERE WELL, AND THE CAR STILL SERVES TO OUR APOSTOLATE … I am AMM Regional Coordinator (Region #4) in Veracruz.

Several times I have been advised to leave the AMM, because of conflicts with my companions (some very strong), but Our Lord Jesus, Our Sweet Mother need us in Our Association. Thanks to God, over time we have been grinding and we are working with more unity … and my Guardian Angel assists me at all times.

“THANKS GOD AND OUR SWEET MOTHER” I can give this testimony.

Juani García

My name is Gloria Elsy Álvarez Quintana, from Colombia, and for several years I am a Daughter of Mary.

A year ago I dedicated my life to the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, along with the missionary group of the Vincentian community of Medellín (Antioquia); I have belonged to this group for 1 year and a half.

Since I had a dream with the virgin I joined the group. I feel very happy to be part of the group.

Gloria Elsy Alvarez

Good afternoon, my name is José Rito Gómez, I am from Argentina, I’m 37, I need prayer for me, depression makes me sick. I lost my sense of life, I tried to take my life, the Virgin saved me, I am devoted to her, love in every way, but more so in Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal …

José Rito Gómez

You were never without a Miraculous Medal growing up in Ireland.  Clinging to your vest with a little brass safety pin, it could safely stay there through numerous hand washes and wringing out! My Grandma would tease that my Celtic Queen’s name was pagan, and my Mam would laugh and say “sure isn’t that why she’s christened Mary too – Hail Holy Queen.”  We were left in no doubt of the value of the signs and symbols that our Blessed Mother was caring for us all and excitedly anticipated Grandma’s return from Lourdes with a medal on a chain. Flaunting Holy Faith, Coombe  school rules – well for a day anyway – we’d parade our prized possession and feel Queen for a day, happily claiming the Golden Hail Mary as your own. Such was our devotion to Mary, it was a badge of pride to be called a Child of Mary, and always feel safe and nurtured by her eternal presence.

Deindre Mary



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