The Miraculous Medal: Then and Now on Social

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Reflections, Social

Passed from one person to another, usually with a hope and a prayer.

Miraculous Medal then and Now on Social

The early propagation of the Medal was a human effort to share something of value with friends – believers and non-believers alike. The Miraculous Medal continues to be shared person-to-person, and friend to friend. And, eventually, a social “explosion.”

Nor was this all, for, on 25th March, 1931, the Holy Father gave permission for the establishment of the Association in every parish and Institution, when requested by the Parish Priest or Chaplain. It is, therefore, world wide now.

Such, in brief, is the story of the origin, growth and present position of the “Association of Children of Mary Immaculate.” From its humble beginnings in the school of the Sisters in Paris, it had grown by 1933 to an active membership of 200,000. Did not Our Lady say that she would bestow many graces on it? In that promise and its fulfilment, we find the secret of the success of the Association which characterized it, from its very inception.

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