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by | Nov 5, 2016 | Association of the Miraculous Medal, Formation, Reflections

In less than a month, the Vincentian Family will greet the Virgin with special affection in its invocation of “Miraculous.” Surely this month many reflections will be published online, on her history, present, etc.

Last week, we invited you to do something different: to tell tales, your story or that of your family, with the Miraculous Virgin. No reflections, but experiences. We are confident that there are many gestures of love and trust in the Virgin within our Vincentian Family. And sharing is another way of making family.

And Sister Carmen, DC, quickly answered. Here you have her story. After it, you have a form where you can write your own, to be published throughout the days preceding the feast of our mother, on November 27. You can do it in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian… no matter the language, we will try to translate it into the languages used in famvin.

Dare to participate! Sure many others want to know of “your” story, to learn to love more and to better follow the example of Mother Mary.

I am convinced that Mary has intervened in my life in a miraculous way. When I was 19, a truck ran over me, and I was dragged several meters, going out from the back side of it, when it stopped. Miraculously, I had not a single scratch. Then I saw myself surrounded by people. I got up and said, with great joy, that Mary of the Miraculous Medal had saved me, while holding in my hands the medal of my Miraculous Mother, that I’ve always worn around my neck.

I have always had great devotion to Mary and I firmly believe that she cares and looks after us.

So I encourage you to always carry on your neck, lips and heart to Mary: she will bring us to Jesus.

Sr. Carmen, DC.

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    Tales on the Miraculous Virgin