Missionaries @NiagaraUniv are Home!

by | Aug 31, 2016 | News

The other day we told you about some missionaries from Niagara University who went to Haiti. They’re home, and there’s more news to tell!

WIVB Buffalo tells the good news:

Niagara University seniors Morgan Dahlberg and Amber Mis are used to being students, but for the past 7 weeks those roles were reversed through a special internship.

“One of the activities I did with the students was an engineering project so like a STEM science project where they had to use pipe cleaners to use a structure,” said Morgan Dahlberg, Niagara University Senior.

“We taught them hot cross buns and it was a fiasco but it was fun for them to learn something new and see something new,” said Amber Mis, Niagara University senior.

Amber and Morgan are two of the 5 Niagara University students who spent their summer teaching kids in Haiti everything from literacy skills to sports through hand in hand for Haiti.

“A few years ago after the devastating earthquake in Haiti one of our very distinguished alumni Ed Brennan built a school in Haiti to serve some of the most impoverished young people in one of the most poorest nations in the world,” said Henrik Borgstrom, Niagara University Associate Provost.

Read the rest of the story from WIVB online here.


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