Attracting Return Visitors to your Site (or Facebook Page)

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Social, Social Media

Yes, we all want return visitors to our web and social media sites.

50 First Dates is a movie where a girl has short-term memory loss and every day, she forgets the guy she’s dating. He has to re-introduce himself every day and make her fall in love with him again/prove they were once a couple. At the end of the movie, we see their two kids and everyone is happy and smiling.

So says Leslie Vos on the blog “Shout Me Loud.”

Some of us don’t like to think of “marketing” our sites, but if there are no return visitors, how will we evangelize? And if there are no Vincentian family members who are frequent return visitors, how will we engage them in formation?

Vos says:

Every stage of a customer funnel lets you catch a client and return them to the website.

She provides a number of short case studies to make her points. Yes, the language is pure marketing, but we need to pay attention. Read the whole article here.

How are you really “marketing” your site so you have as many return visitors as possible?


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