#famvin400 Praying with a Broken Heart

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Formation, Reflections, Social Media

When people say they have a broken heart, they have entered a deep poverty. They pray, and sometimes there’s no answer. Vincentians are called to serve body and spirit. Listen to this Sarah Hart song.

Reflection and challenge:

In order to celebrate the anniversary well, we have to risk drawing close to people who suffer deeply. We have to enter the world of the broken heart. As we approach the 400th anniversary, are you praying for the graces you need to live the Vincentian life?

  • Do you admit, at least to God, your own suffering?
  • Do you “engage” your suffering and not run from it?
  • Do YOU pray with constancy even when you have a broken heart?

Aidan R. Rooney, C.M. twitter icon @fatherratgmail facebook icon Aidan R Rooney


I asked you for the light
You gave me a long, dark night
Gave me shadows for my path
There was no turning back
And you whispered “hold on tight”
I asked you for some peace of mind
So you gave me fight inside
And how I wrestled with the truth
Went round and round with you
Could not shake you but I try
It’s like dancing with the stone
Oh how I’m trying to let go

So I pray with a broken heart
That’s where the healing start
Sing the song of wayward child “be Thou my vision”
I’m looking for another sign
Mercy in a sweet sunrise
Wanna be wherever you are
I’m praying withe broken heart
I’m praying with broken heart

I asked you for a little faith
And you put a mountain in my way
And I’ve wasted so much time
Nothing left to do but climb
Now every step is grace
Only you could start a fire
On such an empty mountainside

from the album “Above Earth’s Lamentation.” Words & Music by Sarah Hart and Matt Maher.


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