Who Does God Say You Are?

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Who does God say you are? – Button up on Discipleship — Sing a New, Joyful Song

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast – Tuesday July 26, 2016

Who does God say you are?

I know I am not alone in what I do.  I always believe God is with me.  Sometimes I need His assurance.  So I sit down in a quiet place and have a heartfelt talk with God.  God is always leading me and you too.  So I go back to Him for advice and truly to know what He wants me to do.  We need the Spirit in all we do and especially if God has called us to His plan.   We need to ask the Spirit to be with us always.  We pray He stays with us and gives us the advice we need.  When we visit those in need we are saying a resounding yes and we can feel the umbrella of grace.  We can shout for Joy Alleluia!  Our Lord is with us, so is the Holy Spirit and Jesus is sending His lambs and we are serving Him in those who suffer from poverty.  We sometimes think we have it tough because we have to love and serve.  It is hard to love some of the lambs, but when we look and see Jesus in them it becomes easier. We can also ask our lady for guidance.  Image her trauma when pregnant and not married with the Son of God.  She said “Yes” and in perfect obedience served God with the highest hopes.  We can’t forget Joseph who stood by her and they raised Jesus the Son of God together.  Yes, they are also role models and we must pray for help from them in our work. God designed us and the poor we serve to be His children housed in glory. Many times we are broken and hanging on to a life raft for our dear life and then we hear His voice and see His light guiding us always. Never forget, He called us and would never abandon us.  Stay near Him and know who He wants you to be, and do it well.  When things seem to overwhelm you look up and call to Him.  He wants to show you the way.  He wants you to say the right words and share His mercy with all we serve.  Do you know what God says you are?  Do you know who He wants you to be?  Have a little talk with Him and things will be alright.

Button up on Discipleship

Jesus calls us and asks us to go in pairs and pray. I know this is a strange title, but while reading the Scriptures over the past week, I sense there was some complaining and disorder.  Although not critical it made me think of buttoning up a sweater or coat.  Have you ever finished the job and notice everything was a little crooked because you missed the top button and you had to start over.  Jesus is our top button and we are called to do His will not ours.  We need our buttons done up correctly. One of the Scriptures which came to mind was of Martha and Mary.  Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to each word.  Martha was busy in the kitchen preparing the meal.  Martha came to Jesus and complained she was doing all the work and Mary was doing nothing.  Jesus told Martha that Mary was doing the right thing.  She chose well.  He also indicated Martha was correct in the job she was doing.  So back to the buttons, I am thinking we have to go to Jesus in Prayer to make sure we have chosen the right path and the right path will be the path made for us by Jesus.  We have to not only listen to God, but also to those we serve.  We should not complain if we are on God’s path, but we should take as much time as we can to talk to Him, even silently during our meeting and we will know the right answers and you will be buttoned up correctly.  We all need to make time for prayer. We are called as disciples and we are not alone.

Sing a New, Joyful Song

Do you Need Proof of God’s Help? –  Christ’s resurrection is proof that God has the power and the desire to redeem even the worst situations. With the resurrection God has granted us the grace to discover the saving presence throughout our life and service to those in need.  We need to look for Jesus in and above anything.  I love to sing, I’m not a great singer and much of the time, not even a good singer.  But I sing and usually very joyfully.  Not too many complain.  We all must sing to praise the Lord and often my songs are prayers. I pray to ask God to teach me to sing prayerfully and bring the joy to those I serve.  But when I ask for Him to open my mouth it is for more than giving praise.  It is for courage, bringing the right message to the poor and to use these words to do the work He calls me to.  Singing as well as praying before a home visit will ready you indeed. I am truly blessed by your love.  Please Lord let me bring it to fruition.  I pray not to judge, but to love and serve You in the poor.  We need to learn more about who God really is. If Jesus was willing to suffer so painfully and die for us, will He not do everything else that we need from Him? If the Father loves us so much that He resurrected Jesus from death so that we could go with Him to heaven, will He not also give us every blessing that we need here on earth?  So sing His praises and serve Him each day in those He places before us.  “Sing a new song unto the Lord, singing Alleluia!!!!”

Blessings brothers and Sisters



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