Brothers and Sisters CMM: A Pilgrimage to their Roots

by | Jul 17, 2016 | Brothers CMM, News, Vincentian Family

On pilgrimage, they were about thirty men and women religious, their beautiful Asian melodies resounding within the walls: singing their praises in Ranquines [the little settlement near Le Pouy — now called St. Vincent de Paul, where Vincent was born], ending the day before the Mother of Mercy at the foot of the oak.


They came for four days during a continuing education session to deepen the charism which they live.


Joannes Zwijsen

The two congregations were founded in Tilburg (Netherlands) by Bishop Joannes Zwijsen: The Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Mercy (SCMM Sisters) founded in 1832, and the Congregation of the Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy (Brothers CMM) established in 1844.

They are members of the large Vincentian Family and are now in many countries in the world. CMM Brothers and Sisters have St Vincent de Paul as their patron and also Mary, Mother of Mercy.

This year there were session participants from Indonesia, East Timor and Kenya. Father Agus Heru, C.M. accompanied them.

The Vincentian pilgrimage always includes time to visit the “Berceau,”[the house of St. Vincent’s birth] as a moment of ongoing formation for young sisters and brothers; for them it is a time of preparation for final vows, and for older sisters and brothers a time to deepen the spirituality of their congregation. This year, it was an enriching experience for all participants.

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Original French: Bernard Massarini, C.M.


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