Vincentian Family Mass in Chicago

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Members of the General Assembly of the Congregation of the Mission, meeting in Chicago, joined the parishioners of St. Vincent de Paul parish and the Vincentian Family of Chicago in the celebration of Sunday Mass.


Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, new Superior General of the Congregation presided at the Eucharist and Fr. Greg Gay and Father Joe Agostino, director of the International Office of the Vincentian Family were at his side.

Music in the celebration was a mixture of liturgical music by Vincentian authors and contemporary liturgical music. During his homily, Fr. Tomaž asked all members of the Vincentian Family – those who belong to a specific branch and those who do not, but live the charism – if we would be willing to go out and change our world. Father Tomaž called for greater collaboration among members to “build the Kingdom together as a family! This is the only way to go and how to get effective and lasting results.”

Ellen Dauwer, a Sister of Charity of Saint Elizabeth reflected,

For the past two weeks I have been following the proceedings of the C.M. General Assembly, especially the election of their new leadership. Then last week a Daughter of Charity invited me to attend the liturgy on Sunday which the C.M.s celebrated with the larger Vincentian Family. I was struck by many pieces of the liturgy and reception that followed, but I’d like to point out three.

First was the description and inclusion of the entire Vincentian Family in Fr. Tomaz’s homily. It was not a mere passing reference or a quick mention. Rather, it was a deliberate and thorough description and expression of hope for further expansion.

Second was the concrete collaboration that occurred at the reception. I recently moved to Chicago and attended the liturgy both to celebrate with the Vincentian Family and to become acquainted with members in Chicago, after many years in the New York metropolitan area. As I walked to the parking lot after the celebration, I carried the card of a member who invited me to a collaborative venture as well as several invitations to dinner, visits, and Family events. Our collaboration is concrete and real!

Third, and most importantly, I experienced a profound sense of belonging from the moment I entered the church until I drove out of the parking lot. Having felt somewhat disoriented for the past few weeks, I warmly welcomed the feeling of home within the Family. On later reflection I realized the gift of God given to me. As Jesus expanded family by connecting his mother and his disciple John, he continues to gift us with each other. His invitation to me was, “Ellen, behold your family!”

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Father Tomaž also reminded us of the need to develop our spirituality around five Vincentian virtues: simplicity, humility, meekness, mortification – to overcome self-reference – and zeal to continue the mission of Vincent, the mission of Jesus. Watch and listen to his homily here. After Mass, the parish hosted a reception for all present.

Long live the Vincentian Family!

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  1. John Freund, CM

    What a beautiful reflection! Thanks for sharing… and all your sharings with the Eastern Vincentian Family Collaborators as well as at national meetings. We treasure your contributions!

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