What have you been up to, .famvin?

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The other day someone asked, “What have you been up to?” We’ve been planning, working, improving, dreaming, creating, conceiving and re-conceiving. We have been working on the “famvin Project.”

The “famvin Project” is the implementation of the constantly evaluated and updated linked strategic plan.

Project Name and purpose: The famvin Project promotes “.famvin”, also called the famvin Digital Network, which is the virtual presence of the Worldwide Vincentian Family supported by a complex of resources, professionals, strategies, and volunteers promoting collaboration in service of the evangelization of the impoverished.

Project Vision Statement: “By June of 2017, The Vincentian Family will be connecting, collaborating and evangelizing by means of the .famvin Digital Network.”

Project Mission Statement: “The famvin project creates and employs virtual spaces for the Vincentian Family to connect and to collaborate in evangelizing the impoverished, and prepares persons to engage in this mission — in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese — using available and emerging technologies.”

At the end of the first year of its strategic plan, the .famvin Digital Network:

  • now reaches a larger audience, both on the web and social media;
  • has diversified its content and is engaging a younger audience;
  • has an ever-widening variety of originally authored content;
  • has developed sophisticated menu and search capabilities — for both desktop and mobile use — and produces regular video introductions to the various sections of .famvin to orient our user base;
  • has concluded agreements to collaborate with somos.vicencianos.org and revic.org to bring their resources to the worldwide Vincentian Family;
  • has reached initial verbal agreement to cross-promote and share content with the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal (in English and Spanish: more than 2,000,000 likes on Facebook);
  • has incorporated and integrated the formerly independent French language division;
  • has hired a coordinator for the Spanish language division;
  • has identified and trained new editors for both the English and French divisions;
  • has tripled the amount of formational content in the Spanish division;
  • is developing new delivery systems for formation materials;
  • is integrating sophisticated mapping software, in an effort led by the Vincentian Family Office, to demonstrate the impact of our worldwide Family;
  • has engaged volunteer staff to produce multilingual content and formation materials;
  • has developed two new sections — on collaboration and systemic change — in its three principal languages;
  • has identified a Portuguese language team and is poised to begin the development of a full Portuguese language system (web and social media);
  • has assisted the AIC and the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative in revising their web presence;
  • has collaborated with the Vincentian Family Office in the implementation of its plan for the “Year of Collaboration” and is assisting in its planning for the 400th anniversary of the charism;
  • has begun mission advancement planning to widen its circle of funders and to engage its readership in the support of .famvin.

It has been a year of great growth and strengthening for .famvin and all of this is the result of your interest in and support of the project. More to come…

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  1. S Julie Cutter

    Thank you! We all benefit from the interweaving of our stories and news and resources.

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