St. John’s University Hosting Steubenville Conference

by | Jun 18, 2016 | Collaboration, News

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In collaboration with the local church, St. John’s University in Queens, NY will host a Steubenville Youth Conference next weekend, June 24-26. The purpose of these conferences are to strengthen and inspire teens and youth groups in their collective journeys to Christ.

Attendance by teens, youth ministers and parents can have many benefits according to Life Teen:


One of St. Augustine’s most famous quotes is, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you, O Lord.” These words often describe the spiritual angst that teenagers experience throughout their high school years. Every teen has the desire to achieve something great and to be someone great. We see this desire played out on social media daily. At a Steubenville Conference, teens will learn what it takes to be great in this life. Teens will come to experience a relationship with Christ that can radically transform everything in their life. The goal of every Steubenville Conference is for teens to open their hearts to Jesus Christ who desires their lives to be fulfilling, exciting, and joyful!

Youth Ministers

Being a youth minister is one of the most important tasks in the Church today. Throughout the year, youth ministers work tirelessly to evangelize and catechize the teens in their parishes. Attending a Steubenville Conference provides youth ministers the freedom to not have to worry about content preparation and instead focus on the relational ministry that is so necessary in every parish. This conference can be the launching point for discipleship, peer leadership, deeper prayer and a ministry rooted in the sacraments. You just have to get the teens there…and we’ll worry about the rest! Beyond, this weekend Life Teen has dedicated full-time staff to support your ministry throughout the year. We want to help you make sure the seeds that are sown on this weekend are nurtured throughout the year at your parish.


Parents are the “primary catechists” of their teens and this is a daunting task when trying to navigate the ups and downs of a teen’s high school years. Between all the extra curricular commitments and academic obligations it can seem near impossible to make church a priority for teens. A Steubenville Conference often has the ability to give teens the spiritual boost that Catholic parents desire for their teens. Many teens have been known to come back from a Steubenville Conference not only renewed in their faith, but taking the lead to initiate prayer within their own family. Imagine how your teen will feel knowing after a Steubenville Conference that the Church is dynamic, alive, and full of hope just like them.

Click here to download the weekend schedule.

Franciscan University of Steubenville offers 23 Conferences total and Life Teen has the pleasure of hosting 5 of those conferences (Atlanta, East, West, NYC & Lone Star).

Source: Life Teen Website