Helpers of the Souls in Purgatory (Auxiliatrices)

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Formation, Year of Vincentian Collaboration

Founded in 1856 at Paris, France, by Blessed Eugene Smet, (1825-1871, beatified in 1957), (in religion, Mary of Providence), whose community, in its origin, collaborated with the Vincentian priests at rue de Sevres and with the Daughters of Charity at rue de Poulletier, as well as at rue 126 Oudinot and rue du Bac. The mission of this institute is to pray, suffer, and work on behalf of souls in purgatory through their service to the needy of the world. Choosing never to adopt a traditional religious habit, the Helpers have worked with the poor and the marginal of their societies since their founding. Even though they adopted the Ignatian Rule, the initial Vincentian spirit could be discerned in the essence of their mission.