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Jesus commands us to get out of all confinement to take part, enabled by the Spirit and with courageous faith, in the mission of forgiveness and peace, of evangelization and healing.

Though the doors of the house are locked, Jesus manages to enter.  He stands in the midst of the disciples and says to them, “Peace be with you.”  He is about to give them a mission.

He then shows his hands and his side, assuring them that it he is, and not a ghost or impostor. To confirm them in their joy, he says to them again, “Peace be with you.”  Immediately, he entrusts to them a mission.

That is how the good and merciful Teacher is.  He puts himself in the disciples’ situation, literally and figuratively.  Understanding, he knows well that those already extremely burdened by fear and shame do not need scolding.  Hence, he does not show resentment for their lack of courage and faithfulness.  Nor does he want them dwelling on events that arouse in them paralyzing fear, anger or hopelessness.

The Suffering Servant does not break a bruised reed nor does he quench a smoldering wick.  He restores the strength of the dejected with the gift of the Holy Spirit.  He awakens confidence in them by indicating that he has not stopped trusting them, given that he is calling them to his own mission of evangelization of the poor, of healing the broken-hearted and curing the sick.

Jesus is not in any way like scholars who look with disdain from their high magisterial chairs on those who are not like them, considering them incapable of understanding and doing something good.  He does not give up on the foolish, the slow and the doubting, like those disappointed disciples on their way to Emmaus, or like Thomas who insists on “To see is to believe.”  That is why he keeps forming them.

The one who descended into hell to raise the dead now comes down to our level to begin to form us.  The Word made flesh meets us where we are.  He takes us by the hand and leads us to where we ought to be.

Continuing with our formation, Jesus invites us to gaze at him, in our tribulations, so that we may not be afraid:  once he was dead, but now he is alive forever and ever.  He keeps equipping us “for every good work.”  Only through good works is the confided mission accomplished.

Only if we embody the mission of forgiveness and peace, of effective announcement of the Gospel to the poor, dear to St. Vincent de Paul, will we attract others and live what we celebrate in the Eucharist.

Here we are, Lord.  Form us and send us.

April 3, 2016
2nd Sunday of Easter (C)
Acts 5, 12-16; Rev 1, 9-11a. 12-13. 17-19; Jn 20, 19-31

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