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by | Mar 17, 2016 | News

Meet Me at the Mission is a Vincentian Heritage Initiative that invites students to explore what it means to be a Vincentian leader.

Often, we’re so caught up in serving — and rightly so — we don’t take time out to explore the richness of the Vincentian tradition. At the end of a long day or week or month, it’s good to seek refreshment. Initiatives like this one are right up St. Vincent’s alley. When the Vincentian missioners were suffering from what appears to be “burnout,” he counseled his coworkers,


I am really distressed about what M. Le Blanc is suffering with regard to his vocation. He is a good subject who merits our taking an interest in him. Please do whatever you can to take his mind off the thought of leaving. Perhaps his return to Saint-Lazare will rid him of this temptation. So, please send him to us in a while… Meanwhile, help him to raise his spirits and his trust in God. (Coste V, Letter: 1908 to Donat Crowley, 28 August, 1655)

and again,

I ask Him also, Monsieur [priest], to strengthen you in your work so that you will not succumb beneath the load and can continue to restore to His grace souls who have distanced themselves from Him through ignorance and sin. To do so, you must take good care of your health and join to this great confidence in His Goodness, for thus He will be favorable to you in all your needs and will take pleasure in blessing the services you will render Him. These are the wishes of my poor heart, which is full of esteem and tenderness for yours and embraces affectionately your little Company. (Coste V, Letter 1994 to Jean Martin 21 Jan 1656)

Take time out to refresh and renew your missionary souls whenever the opportunity is given. The mission will prosper and so will you.

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