Lenten Shift: Papal Perspectives

by | Mar 12, 2016 | Formation, Spirituality and Spiritual Practice


Papal perspectives on the living of the Gospel have always shaped and challenged the Vincentian story. It is part of our Lenten Shift, metaphorically “shifting gears” in Lent. Change what you do. Change what you see, change what you read. We fast so we can feed the deeper parts of ourselves. This is the third of a four-week series that invites us to feed our souls with our Vincentian and ecclesial traditions.

Vincent, Louise, Elizabeth, Frédéric and many others were true sons and daughters of the Church.

We, too, if we share the Vincentian charism, must be sons and daughters of the Church. We are children, adolescents and adults — all of us with a different relation with our “holy mother” the Church.

To be in dialogue with our tradition and our Church is another important part of our Vincentian journey. Begin this Lent if you have not already begun. Papal perspectives can help.

A third possibility

Pope Francis speaks profoundly about Vincentian themes. Learn more about what he actually says in contrast to headlines.

Remain in dialogue with the Church by sharing what you learn with members of your Vincentian group and within your families. The Church feeds the Vincentian Family. The Vincentian Family feeds the Church. We are all fed by the Spirit and the Gospel.

Archive of this series and more.


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