Down the Tubes. #IamVincent #WeAretheChurch

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Church, Formation, Reflections


Down the tubes. Down the drain. Commentaries by many say that is the future of the Church. But Vincentians know better. Vincentians are the Church. And the Church is growing and healthy.

In an article on HuffPost filled with both hope and desperation, Kevin Wright and Christian Peele write,

We are not here so that there is someone to turn out the lights after everyone has left. We’re here because we want community, a life of purpose, and the ability to make the world a better place through innovation and social consciousness (we are so millennial!). We’re here because, as Will Willimon says, we believe that “the church is necessary because it knows what the world does not yet know: God has reconciled the world to God.” And because maybe, just maybe, what the church can become is so damn good, it’s worth the risk.

As Vincentians, are you preaching the Gospel to your peers? Are you inviting them to “be Church”? Tell us how!

What does “church” mean to you?

How do you share that with your peers?

Will you let it all go to…

Read the entire article here.


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