The Tweetable Pope

by | Mar 8, 2016 | News, Pope, Social, Social Media


Tweetable. It means that the things you say can capture the imagination in 140 characters or less! Certainly, Pope Francis qualifies. MillenialJournal, which characterizes itself as “young Catholics — ancient faith — new century,” has published an interview with author Michael O’Laoughlin. It’s worth a read!

The Tweetable Pope by Michael O’Loughlin, the national reporter for Crux, is an excellent new book that focuses on the content, context, and impact of Pope Francis’ use of the social media platform Twitter. O’Loughlin devotes chapters to the various themes found in Francis’ tweets, from prayer to suffering to pro-life issues to inequality. For those who follow Francis closely on twitter, the layout and analysis offer an excellent reflection on Francis’ key themes and serve as a reminder of some of his powerful words that may have been forgotten. For those who do not follow Francis closely on twitter (or at all), there should be enough in the book to motivate that person to create a twitter account or stay up to date on the pope’s latest tweets. These readers will get a close look at Francis’ extraordinary power to condense powerful messages into clear, compact tweets that resonate with people across the globe.

You can read the whole interview here.

Did you know that Fr. Gregory Gay, C.M., has his tweetable moments, too? Get a twitter account and follow him at @cmcuria on Twitter! And don’t forget to follow .famvin, too.


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