Lenten Shift: Exploring Vincentian Themes

by | Mar 5, 2016 | Formation, Spirituality and Spiritual Practice


Exploring Vincentian themes is part of our Lenten Shift, metaphorically “shifting gears” in Lent, can be a helpful process. Change what you do. Change what you see, change what you read. We fast so we can feed the deeper parts of ourselves. This is the second of a four-week series that invites us to feed our souls with our Vincentian and ecclesial traditions.

You’ve often heard that Lent is a journey. So is the Vincentian life.

Our life requires that we draw closer and closer to the world of the impoverished. When we are attentive, we realize that there are recurrent themes — with both light and darkness — that appear.

Teachings, concepts, struggles, triumphs — all of these need to be studied and contemplated if we are to deepen our identity and strengthen our mission. Last week, you explored the Family. Now:

A second possibility

Work your way day by day through this list of VinFormation resources. This is an invitation to a journey, begun in the world of the impoverished, where we will constantly be exploring Vincentian themes.

It’s a lot to absorb. make an effort to begin this Lent, and continue throughout the years. You’ll be surprised at how much more “Vincentian” you feel, and how strongly you’ve been fed by regularly exploring Vincentian themes.

Archive of this series and more.


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