The School of Peace

by | Feb 28, 2016 | Daughters of Charity, News


Earlier this month, The School of Peace was opened in Turin which welcomes “at risk” children every Saturday morning for after-school activities, entertainment and education. This School was the fruits of a collaboration between the Community of Sant’Egidio and the Daughters of Charity in the San Salvario Community.

The Community of Sant’Egidio wrote on its website:

Risks can be different: the risk of deviance, social exclusion, failure and drop-out, the risk of illiteracy, the early removal from, and sometimes abandonment of the family. The fragility of the child’s social and family context very often does not enable him to overcome these risks unharmed. And it’s here that the work of our Schools of Peace fits as a strong and loyal support to the growth of the child … The School of Peace, completely free, qualified as a familiar environment, supports the placement in school for children or teenagers; that helps the family in its task by proposing an educational model open to others … Respect for everyone, especially for those who are in difficulty, is one of the educational values of the Schools of Peace, to communicate to children and teenagers … The Schools of Peace welcome children of different nationalities and ethnic groups, together with Gypsy and Sinti children.

To read the full article on the Daughters of Charity Website, click here.


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