Rare photographs of Ozanam’s daughter

by | Dec 29, 2015 | News, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Ozanam daughtersRalph Middlecamp has uncovered two rare photographs of Ozanam’s daughter.

The international website of the Society of St. Vincent dePaul  writes that while in the famous National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Ralph Middlecamp discovered 2 previously unknown photos of Marie, daughter of Frédéric and Amélie Ozanam.

MiddlecampThe story continues that “while researching Charles Ozanam (brother of Frédéric), Ralph Middlecamp (Executive director of the Madison Council) chanced on these 2 pictures, very probably taken by Charles himself between 1850 and 1860. These photos were identified with the name of Marie Laporte, the married name of Ozanam’s daughter, which may explain why they remained hidden so long.

Born in 1845, “little Marie” was the first and only child of the Ozanams. Frédéric was not only a loving husband but also an attentive and tender father. On the day his daughter was born, he wrote to his aunt:

“…I am the guardian and custodian of an immortal creature. […]I will watch over every one of her steps, I will see all the graces of her childhood emerge and when I clasp her in my arms, I will remember that in her there is a soul made for God and for eternity… »

Only 8 years of age when her father was called to God, Marie was brought up by her mother, who lived at that time at 58 rue de Vaugirard in Paris.

Ralph provides the following information…. In 1866, the young Marie married Laurent Laporte. The couple had one child, named Frédéric. Marie Ozanam died in 1912, at the age of 67, and lies beside her mother in the cemetery of Montparnasse. Charles, who took these pictures, is Frederic Ozanam’ s younger brother.  He was born in 1834 and died in 1907 and had 11 children.   He was a medical doctor who also practice homeopathic medicine. Frederic’s older brother was Alphonse who also studied medicine and after getting his medical degree became a priest.  An excellent resource for information on the family of Frederic Ozanam is the book Hosanna, Blessed Frederic Ozanam: Family and Friends    by Rev. Ron Ransom C.M.

For more information on his family and life visit the Vincentian Encyclopedia. For more resources on Frédéric Ozanam, visit VinFormation’s collection of “Resources tagged Bl. Frédéric Ozanam”.


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