Can I go to them?

by | Dec 23, 2015 | Daughters of Charity, Formation, Reflections

kara-davis-pope-future-facebookCan I go to them?

This is the question Pope Francis asked when he learned that three people were killed in a neighborhood of Bangui, capital of the war-torn Central African Republic. It wasn’t in the schedule so the Pope immediately asked the Nuncio: ‘can I go, can I go?’ and the Nuncio replied: ‘no, Holiness, it is very dangerous.’”

Kara Davis, a postulant with the Daughters of Charity in the USA, has been haunted by this and writes in the blog The Future of Charity,

“I imagine Jesus hearing of the violence and suffering of the world and pleading with The Father, “Can I go?  Can I go to them?”

I hear The Father’s response, “It is very dangerous,”

…. and then Jesus’ answer, “I will go to them.”

What a powerful way of thinking about the “backstory” of the Incarnation! Certainly something to pray about as we prepare to celebrate the Word coming to us where we live and loving us as we are.

Kara Davis

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The Future of Charity is a group that has formed to build relationships among the younger, newer members of the Federation. As our congregations grow smaller, we recognize an exciting opportunity for collaboration!”


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