Vincentians (Humans) of Colorado

by | Dec 6, 2015 | News, Reflections

vowDid you ever think about how we know about St. Nicholas — or any other saint for that matter? Someone told and re-told the story. Ok, Butler’s “Lives of the Saints” isn’t “Humans of New York,” but the idea is similar. In every story we tell is the shaping of our future stories. We’ve all been wanting to connect our hearts — our dreams and our experience of the charism. We have to tell the story of how that is lived and felt. In response to an earlier post, Bill and Mary Frances Jaster put us on to the “digital stories” of the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers. Let me share one with you.

Do you have a story to share about your journey or the journey of another “human of wherever” that touched you? Let us know. The point of this is that we can connect, support and love one another if we’re willing to share our stories. Yeah, it’s a little public, but worth the risk. We only know St. Nicholas, or our Vincent — or Louise or Elizabeth or Catherine or Frederic — because someone thought to share their stories. They were the “Vincentians of Wherever” of their time. Now it’s your turn. #IamVincent. So are you.


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